Where is Elena Ferrante? The rione, setting of universal literature

Where is Elena Ferrante?
The rione, setting of universal literature.




The Luzzatti district, planned and built between the 1920s and the 1960s, is a neighbourhood in Naples’ suburbs, close to the Central Station. It is the setting of Elena Ferrante’s tetralogy “My brilliant friend”: the district, with its excessive charge of desires, brutality, feelings, becomes in the novel’s pages the ultimate test and the example of the contradictions which can be found in the West latest History.
The reportage, shot in 2016, shows what remains of the economic boom dreams: the old and new buildings’ modest shape, the still dusty streets, the locals’ life. Therefore, the reader can identify himself and his life experiences in the rione’s everyday life.
The “napoletanità” of the district (the Vesuvius opposite profiles and the skyscrapers of the Administrative Centre, dominating the horizon, the hanging laundry, the fruit seller with his little truck) is almost imperceptible but still there to lead us to the conclusion that, even in such a specific place like Naples one finds the same relationships and the same contradictions of such suburbs like the ones in Paris, Berlin or Detroit.

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